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Leveraging Meta Ads to Boost Brand Awareness and Drive Customer Engagement Facebook & Instagram Ads

Skin Shine

Tripling Growth with Meta Ads for Skin shine Med Spa.

Case Study: Tripling Growth For Skin Shine Med Spa With An Average Of 600% ROI through Strategic Meta Ad Campaigns.

Skin Shine Med Spa, is dedicated to revealing the secret to radiant, makeup-free skin through corrective facials and personalized home care regimens. The founder Sarit specializes in treating hyperpigmentation, aging signs, and acne using top-of-the-line skincare products known for their effectiveness.

Sarit was well-known in the Israeli market but faced the challenge of breaking into the local market in her new location. The goal was to establish Skin Shine Stetic as a premier destination for advanced skincare treatments and build a strong local client base

Driving Year-Round Patriotic Engagement and Sales for

Case Study: 6x Return On Investment (ROI) for Through Strategic Meta Ad Campaigns​. is a renowned retailer offering top-quality American flags made in the USA. Crafted from durable materials, these flags meet all official standards and are ideal for outdoor display on any flagpole. Every US flag from is meticulously sewn, embodying the spirit of American craftsmanship. With a vast inventory in stock, ensures swift delivery right to the customers’ doorstep, providing premium, long-lasting flags at competitive prices while supporting domestic labor. came to Top Ad Online through a recommendation to increase their marketing efforts and grow their sales. 

The primary goal was to leverage their deep understanding of their audience to craft highly targeted ads that would drive significant engagement and sales.

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The meaningful impact of effective advertising on a new business.

Case Study: 8x ROAS for an Esthetician Clinic Through Strategic Meta Ad Campaigns

When Irina, a certified esthetician, came to Top Ad Online, she was starting from zero and needed to build a brand from the ground up.

With no established client base or online presence, Irina sought to create a strong foundation for her business, aiming for quality leads and return customers while gradually increasing revenue.

Irina’s primary challenge was to establish a brand presence and attract quality leads on a limited budget. Starting with minimal resources, the goal was to create a scalable strategy that would grow her business over time.

How To Transitioned from Local Sales to a Wider Audience Using Meta Ads to Drive Exceptional Results

Case Study: Achieving 4.5x Return On ad Spend (ROAS) On a Trending Product Through Strategic Meta Ad Campaigns.

In early 2020, at the onset of the Covid pandemic, Tom approached us to promote a trending product. With a tight timeline to generate brand awareness, we needed to implement a precise and frequently optimized advertising strategy.
Initially, Tom relied on salespeople who visited local neighborhood grocery stores to sell the product. However, he soon realized that by utilizing Meta Ads, he could reach a much wider audience quickly and cost-effectively, eliminating the need to pay sales agents.

Tom’s primary objective was to sell the product online to a massive audience. The specific goal was to achieve 100 sales per day, which required a highly effective and efficient marketing strategy given the short timeframe.

Facebook Ads Case Studies
Cnaan Spirit- Dog Training

Increase Brand Visibility and Drive Substantial Revenue for an Online Course with Facebook Ads

Case Study: Achieving 5.75x ROI with Facebook Ads for an Online Dog Training Course

Cnaan Spirit, Dog Training company, based in Israel, created an online course for new dog owners to increase her passive income. She approached us for assistance in reaching a wider audience and effectively promoting her course. Unlike local marketing through a physical store, online advertising offers the advantage of reaching a broader and more diverse audience.

Cnaan Spirit’s main objective was to sell the online course and increase passive revenue. They aimed to build brand awareness, enhance visibility, and create a high-converting landing page with a compelling call-to-action button. Thier specific goal was to achieve 30 sales within one month to demonstrate strong market demand.

Buyer and seller leads through Facebook ads.

Case Study: Constant flow of leads with zero competition!

A real estate brokerage company based in South Florida was struggling with high monthly fees and intense competition for leads. They had tried various lead generation methods but were often disappointed, having to compete with other agents for the same leads. They approached Top Ad Online seeking a more effective solution to generate exclusive leads and enhance their online presence.

The brokerage company’s primary objective was to obtain exclusive seller and buyer leads without competing with other agents. They also aimed to increase brand visibility and credibility, implement a CRM system and funnels to automate processes, and convert a minimum of two leads per month using Facebook ads.


Frequently Asked Questions about Web Design .

When choosing a web design company, consider their portfolio, client reviews, and the services they offer. It’s important to ensure they understand your industry and target audience. Communication is key, so ensure they’re responsive and open to your ideas. Finally, consider their pricing structure to ensure it aligns with your budget.

The ideal platform depends on your needs:

WordPress: Highly customizable, suitable for both simple and complex websites. Offers a vast array of plugins but might require some technical know-how.

Wix: User-friendly with drag-and-drop functionality. Best for small to medium-sized businesses or personal sites.

Squarespace: Known for its aesthetic templates and ease of use. Great for creatives and small business owners.

The timeline can vary based on the complexity of the design, the number of pages, and specific functionalities required. Typically, a basic website can take 3-4 weeks from design to launch, while more intricate sites might take several months.
Absolutely! With a significant portion of users browsing the web on mobile devices, a mobile-responsive design ensures that your website looks and functions well across all screen sizes, providing a seamless experience for all users.
Our approach to website design focuses on creating user-friendly, visually appealing websites that reflect the essence of Fort Lauderdale. We emphasize responsive design, easy navigation, and integration of local elements to provide a seamless online experience.
It’s recommended to review and update your website’s content regularly to keep it fresh and relevant. As for a complete redesign, considering one every 3-5 years is a good rule of thumb, or when there are significant shifts in web design trends or your business goals.
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