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Success in Promoting an Online Dog Training Course.

Increase Brand Visibility and Drive Substantial Revenue for an Online Course with Facebook Ads.

Case Study: Achieving 5.75x ROI with Facebook Ads
for an Online Dog Training Course

Client's Review

“Great company! We hired their services and discovered an appropriate attitude and thinking outside the box and professionalism especially in helping with everything related to promotion and sales. There is no doubt that it has upgraded our business by dozens of percent.
Those who make a decision to go hand in hand with them will optimize their business on several levels. Thank you”

Cnaan Spirit- Dog Training


Cnaan Spirit, Dog Training company, based in Israel, created an online course for new dog owners to increase her passive income. They approached us for assistance in reaching a wider audience and effectively promoting their course. Unlike local marketing through a physical store, online advertising offers the advantage of reaching a broader and more diverse audience.

Cnaan Spirit were in the beginning or their way and wanted to leverage this potential to expand their business and establish a strong online presence.

The Challenge

Cnaan Spirit’s main objective was to sell the online course and increase passive revenue. They aimed to build brand awareness, enhance visibility, and create a high-converting landing page with a compelling call-to-action button. Thier specific goal was to achieve 30 sales within one month to demonstrate strong market demand.

strategy- online course

The Strategy

  • Market Research: Conduct extensive market research to understand the target audience and their needs.
  • Brand Building: Establish a trustworthy online presence to build brand credibility.
  • Facebook Campaigns: Set up targeted Facebook ad campaigns to increase brand awareness, reach new potential clients, and grow revenue.

The Results

The Facebook ad campaigns were highly effective, accurately targeting the intended audience and delivering outstanding results within a short period. T he campaign significantly exceeded the initial sales goals, achieving a strong return on investment (ROI) of 5.74X.


Return on Investment




New Website Users


Engagement Rate

Key Takeaways

  1. Targeted Marketing: Precise targeting and thorough market research are essential for campaign success.
  2. Brand Trust: Building a credible online presence helps in gaining the trust of potential customers.
  3. Effective Use of Facebook Ads: Strategic Facebook ad campaigns can greatly enhance brand visibility and drive significant revenue.
  4. High ROI and ROAS: Effective ad campaigns can yield substantial returns, validating market demand and increasing passive revenue.
key takeaways -online course

The partnership between Cnaan Spirit and Top Ad Online underscores the effectiveness of strategic Facebook advertising in expanding reach and driving business growth. Through thorough market research, effective tracking systems, and targeted ad campaigns, Top Ad Online helped Cnaan Spirit achieve their business goals and establish a strong, lasting presence in the online dog training market.

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