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I’m Maayan Bar, I have lived in Florida since 2015, but originally I was born in Israel. Top Ad Online was established in 2019 to help business owners increase the number of customers and cash flow. All this while using the smart and effective platform of social media.

I bring to the table extensive experience in the world of marketing, calculated approach, ambition, and competitiveness. Over the years, I gained experience in graphic design, website building, product strategy, account management, and sales across the US. I believe that hard work and perseverance create success.

In the marketing and advertising industry, technology is frequently improving. Therefore, it is essential to continue learning and evolving at the business level while staying up to date on advertising and marketing strategies.

I have always wanted to help people create financial change in their lives, and there is no greater happiness than my client’s success.

Nowadays, statistics show that online marketing and advertising have become the primary means for promoting a business!

In February 2020, the lives of all of us changed. We had to stay in our homes, practice 6 feet of social distancing and were forced to create a change in our way of living.

Through these challenging times, I saw a crucial need for business owners to get in front of their clients on Social Media.

Ever since, my business has grown and me and my team have been able to help many business owners reach more customers using my proven method for marketing and advertising on Social Media.

If your business is not where you thought it would be, or if you are ready to take it to the next level, me and my team are here for you.

Let’s grow your business together.
Click the button below and get a free consultation – without any obligation.

To your successful life, Maayan.

Meet the Founder

Maayan Bar | Founder

Top Ad Online

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