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Real Estate Facebook Ads Case Study.

Achieving Exclusive Leads for a South Florida Brokerage

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Case Study: Constant flow of leads
with zero competition!

Client's Review

Top Ad Online exceeded expectations. Marketing campaign experienced continuous growth as a result of changes that were implemented based on rigorous analysis. Consistent and constructive communication throughout the entire process. Highly recommend Top Ad Online to anyone.
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A real estate brokerage company based in South Florida was struggling with high monthly fees and intense competition for leads. They had tried various lead generation methods but were often disappointed, having to compete with other agents for the same leads. They approached Top Ad Online seeking a more effective solution to generate exclusive leads and enhance their online presence.

The Challenge

The brokerage company’s primary objective was to obtain exclusive seller and buyer leads without competing with other agents. They also aimed to increase brand visibility and credibility, implement a CRM system and funnels to automate processes, and convert a minimum of two leads per month using Facebook ads.


The Strategy

  • Website Design & Development: Create a new, user-friendly website to attract and retain potential clients.
  • Exclusive Leads: Develop and implement Facebook ad campaigns focused on generating exclusive leads.
  • CRM Integration: Implement a CRM system and funnels to automate lead management and follow-up processes.
  • Script Development: Assist in creating effective scripts to maximize ROI from the generated leads.

The Results

Within the first month of using Top Ad Online’s services, the brokerage received an overwhelming number of leads, necessitating a temporary pause in the campaign to manage the influx. 




Cost Per Lead


New Website Users

Key Takeaways

  1. Exclusive Leads: Unlike other lead generation methods, Top Ad Online’s strategy ensures that leads are exclusive, eliminating competition with other agents.
  2. Cost-Effective: The campaign was highly cost-effective, generating quality leads at a low cost per lead.
  3. Brand Visibility: The new website and Facebook campaigns significantly increased the brokerage’s online visibility and credibility.
  4. Automated Processes: Implementing a CRM system and funnels helped streamline lead management and follow-up, improving overall efficiency and conversion rates.
  5. High ROI: The strategic approach and tailored script development maximized the return on investment for the brokerage.
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The partnership between a South Florida real estate brokerage and Top Ad Online highlights the effectiveness of strategic Facebook advertising in generating exclusive leads and driving business growth. Through targeted ad campaigns, a new website, and effective CRM systems, Top Ad Online helped the brokerage achieve their business goals and establish a strong, competitive presence in the market.

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