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Tel Aviv, Israel

Project Details:

NLP & MINDFULNESS, a company based in Tel Aviv, Israel, came to Top Ad Online with the goal of boosting its lead generation efforts, particularly through advertising on Facebook. At Top Ad Online, we specialize in helping businesses like NLP & MINDFULNESS increase their online presence and attract more potential clients through effective digital marketing strategies.

To achieve this goal, we designed a custom landing page as a central component of our lead generation strategy. The landing page served as a comprehensive source of information for potential leads, providing detailed information about the company’s services and how they can benefit from them. The website was built on the user-friendly WordPress content management system, enabling the client to easily update the website on their own, ensuring that the information is always up to date and relevant.

In addition to the custom landing page, we also implemented other strategies to increase NLP & MINDFULNESS’s online visibility, such as targeted Facebook advertising and search engine optimization. These efforts paid off, as we were able to significantly boost the company’s lead generation efforts and help them attract more potential clients.

Our team at Top Ad Online is fluent in both Hebrew and English, making it easy for us to communicate with clients from Israel and across the USA. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with marketing a business in different regions, and we are well-equipped to help businesses achieve their goals.

At Top Ad Online, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality digital marketing services that deliver real results. If you’re looking to boost your lead generation efforts and attract more clients, contact us today to learn more about our custom website design services in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and across the USA. Our team of experts is standing by to help you achieve your business goals.

Contact Us We are here to help your business too. We offer custom website design and digital marketing services in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and across the USA. Our team speaks both Hebrew and English, making it easy for us to communicate with clients from Israel and across the USA.
Call us today at 904-572-2959 to learn more about our services and how we can help your business grow.

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5-Star Review


Original review in Hebrew below.
(Translated by Google)”From the first conversation with Maayan, I felt that if marketing then with Maayan. It’s not just the confidence she brings to the conversation but the focused questions she asked, that made me feel like I would achieve the goals I wanted with her.
And really very quickly I saw that I had decided right to go with Maayan for a marketing process. Maayan has a broad marketing vision of the whole process and the steps in it, which led her to build not only a proper and successful campaign, but also to improve all sorts of steps along the way like my site, which jumped him to a much higher level.
A spring that is practical, results-oriented and constantly with the hand on the wheel. And at the same time it has a lot of flexibility – it’s fun to think with it, and this combination leads to practical and fast practical work.
Throughout the work Maayan is caring, interested and all with lots of warmth and great giving.
And above all – results. Maayan helped me get the results I wanted. Highly recommend Maayan to anyone looking to market their business, plan or improve their website.”

כבר מהשיחה הראשונה עם מעיין הרגשתי שאם שיווק אז עם מעיין. זה לא רק הבטחון שהיא מביאה לשיחה אלא השאלות הממוקדות ששאלה , שגרמו לי שהרגיש שאיתה אשיג את המטרות שאני רוצה.
ובאמת מהר מאד ראיתי שהחלטתי נכון ללכת עם מעיין לתהליך שיווקי. יש למעיין ראיה שיווקית רחבה של כל התהליך והשלבים בו , מה שהביא אותה לבנות לא רק קמפיין נכון ומוצלח, אלא גם לשפר כל מיני שלבים בדרך כמו האתר שלי, שהקפיצה אותו לרמה גבוהה הרבה יותר.
מעיין מעשית, מוכוונת תוצאות וכל הזמן עם היד על ההגה. ויחד עם זאת יש בה המון גמישות – כיף לחשוב איתה , והשילוב הזה מביא לעבודה עניינית פרקטית ומהירה.
לאורך כל העבודה מעיין אכפתית, מתעניינת והכל בהמון חום ונתינה גדולה.
ומעבר להכל – תוצאות . מעיין עזרה לי להשיג את התוצאות שרציתי. ממליץ על מעיין בחום רב לכל מי שמחפש לשווק את העסק שלו , לתכנן או לשפר את האתר שלו .
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