Bakery E-commerce Case Study

How an online shop and a simple automation process can set you free

Client’s Wishes: Optimize the purchase process
Client’s Goals: Increase sales
Business Strategy:
-Focus on automating major pieces of the purchase process.
-Create an online shop that stream lines the client experience.
-Add new sources of revenue and achieve our projected goals.
-Successfully created a fully automated e-commerce site that decreased order time by 50%.
-We saw growth in revenue by optimizing and automating the order process.

web design- ecomm- Fort Lauderdale

A 5-question interview with Lesly Ordonez.

Lesly and her mom are the owners of Cakes D’Sabores, a delicious bakery in Deerfield, Florida. 

We talk about her experience,  the results of our work, how it improved her sales, and some advice for others that are in a similar position.

To visit the website click the link: http://cakesdsabores.com

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