Bakery Woo-commerce Case Study

How an online shop and a simple automation process can set you free

Lesly, the owner of a bakery, needed a new website to display and sell her products to customers locally in South Florida and across the United States. The main goal was to streamline the ordering process and minimize phone time by automating as much as possible. The website needed to meet the bakery’s needs and make it more efficient to work with clients.

Client’s Wishes: Optimize the purchase process
Client’s Goals: Increase sales
Business Strategy:
– Focus on automating major pieces of the purchase process.
– Create an online shop/ woo-commerce that streamlines the client experience.
– Add new sources of revenue and achieve our projected goals.
– Successfully created a fully automated woo-commerce site that decreased order time by 50%.
– We saw growth in revenue by optimizing and automating the order process.

e-commerce web design- Fort Lauderdale, South Florida, Miami

A 5-question interview with Lesly Ordonez.

Lesly and her mom are the owners of Cakes D’Sabores, a delicious bakery in Deerfield, Florida. 

We talked about her experience,  the results of our work, how it improved her sales, and shared advice for others that are in a similar position.

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