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Good designs tell the brand story, evoke emotions, and drive behavior.

We help you get digital products that can intuit, compel, impress and inspire people to buy. Because there’s always a single first impression – we make it count!!

Get an impressive, intuitive and appealing design service that complies with your business goals. We ensure your websites (apps, too) convert the traffic into customers then and there!!

Are you looking for web design agency in Fort Lauderdale that deliver results with increased sales, revenue, and brand value?
Connect us for every single yes!!

A Website Design You Will Be Proud Of!


The process of starting a new project always begins with a discovery call. During this call, we take the time to understand the client’s vision for the project, as well as any limitations, potential, competition, and market changes that could impact the project. We also discuss the potential impact of the project on end-users, and how we can help make a positive difference in their lives. By taking the time to fully understand the goals and objectives of the project from the outset, we are able to provide better guidance and support throughout the entire process.


Discovery calls are a great way to get a clear understanding of a project, its potential, and how to move forward. Discovery calls help to clear any doubts or assumptions about the project, and they provide an opportunity to discuss the project’s goals, target audience, and strategies with the client. Discovery calls are also a great way to conduct competitor research and craft a comprehensive strategy. By taking the time to Discovery call, we can ensure that we have all the information we need to move forward with a project confidently.


We use the information and other insights post-discovery call to craft a digital strategy and deliver delightful outcomes. Our team of digital strategists assess each client’s business goals and target audience to develop a personalized approach that will help them achieve their desired outcomes. We then use our skills and expertise to craft a tailor-made digital strategy that combines the latest tactics and technologies with tried-and-true methods to deliver results that delight our clients. Whether it’s increasing leads, sales, or engagement, we are confident in our ability to develop a winning strategy that will help our clients reach their goals.

Information Architecture

Good information architecture (IA) is essential for creating a user experience (UX) that is both effective and efficient. By taking the time to carefully document all the elements of the project at this stage, we can avoid problems and delays later on. This step also allows us to create a clear roadmap for the project, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. In addition, documenting the IA ensures that we can evaluate and test the UX before it goes live. By taking these precautions, we can craft a user experience that is sure to impress.

Design Mockups

Design mockups are an essential part of the website design process. Once the site’s architecture is complete, the wireframes are designed with colors, logos, and other branding elements to create a design that looks like a website. This helps to provide a visual guide for the development team and helps to ensure that the final product meets the client’s expectations. Mockups also help to identify potential problems with the website’s layout or functionality and can be used to make changes before the site goes live. Creating mockups is an important step in ensuring that your website is successful.


Once the client approves the design, we move further to the web development phase of the website. In this stage, dedicated teams work on the front and back end of the website with the desired frameworks.

The front-end developers will create a front-facing interface that a customer sees. On the other hand, the backend developer creates the CMS and ties that admin dashboard to the front end. Development takes time as it important to test different aspects across browsers and devices to ensure a high-quality user experience. But once complete, the customer will have a website they can be proud of – one that converts visitors into leads or customers.

Testing & QA

Website testing is a process of assessing a website’s performance and functionality. It is important to test every aspect of the website to ensure that it is functioning properly. This includes testing the user interface, the checkout process, and the website’s responsiveness. If any bugs are found, they must be fixed in order to ensure high performance. Testing and quality assurance are essential steps in the web development process. without them, a website will likely have problems that could adversely affect the user experience.


Deploying a website or mobile app is a critical stage in the development process. We, at Top Ad online, monitors performance and security parameters by optimizing the website to ensure maximum output. Deploying a website or mobile app also includes making sure that all content is up-to-date and relevant, and that any bugs or glitches have been resolved. Once a website or mobile app is live, it’s important to continue to monitor performance and address any issues that may arise. By deploying a website or mobile app with TopAd online, you can be confident that your site or app will be well-optimized and ready for public use.

Why Top Ad?

Top Ad Online is the perfect platform for launching your website. We provide top-quality performance and security monitoring, ensuring that your website is always running at peak efficiency. We also optimize the site to ensure maximum output, so you can be confident that your website will always look its best. In addition, our team is always on hand to provide support and advice, so you can be sure that your website will always be up and running. With Top Ad Online, you can be confident that your website will always be safe, secure, and performing at its best.

Web Customization

We design Great Designs

We understand the significance of the user in the designing process. We define it as user-centric and create a design by considering the aspects impacting the user and connecting your brand identity.

Web Migration

We respect User Experience

We design user-friendly, intuitive, functional and easy-to-navigate websites that ensure you a great user experience. Our content is highly engaging, and the designs are eye-popping.  We recognize the significance of functionality in user experience. Top Ad Online ensures your website delivers fantastic experiences – every time, from security features to load times. 

Comprehensive eCommerce Development


Content is vital. It is used as an essential web design element and marketing. Content gives meaning to the website and enhances user experience, and fuels the SEO score with better onsite activity.  We create user-engaging content that engages and makes easy conversations with the users and converts.

WordPress Plugin Development

Responsive Web design

Mobile-friendly web design is at the core of our design strategy. Most web users are on mobile, and increasing with each passing day. We get them covered by making responsive websites.

Theme Development

Compelling CTA

Our web design strategy keeps CTAs at the core. Call-to-action buttons funnel down the traffic to the conversion point. The Call to action buttons are significant in our process and get special attention in our web design process, from the placement to the aesthetics and feel.

Are you looking for a web design agency?

Are you looking for a web design agency in fort lauderdale? At Top Ad Online, we are a dynamic, tech-savvy, humble team of skilled professionals who can get you a real taste of web design services to the next level. We understand that your website is a reflection of your brand and should be designed keeping your target audience in mind. Get the best web design solutions to help you get a better user experience, easy-to-navigate and websites that convert with Top Ad Online. For any query/suggestion, please contact us at +1 904-572-2959. We are the most preferred Fort Lauderdale Website Design Agency that can help you with optimal web design solutions. Share your web design requirements at admin@topadonline.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

A web design agency in fort lauderdale will likely have a professional graphic designer (or team of them) working on logos, color schemes, branding, and any content you’ll be producing to make sure it adheres to your tastes.

A Fort Lauderdale Website Design Agency can help your business in a number of ways, including by creating a website that accurately represents your brand and showcases your products or services; designing a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for customers to find what they need; and optimizing the website for search engines so that potential customers can easily find you online. In addition, a website design agency can provide expert advice on how to use the web to increase sales and grow your business.

Fort Lauderdale Website Design Agency offer a wide range of services, from website design and development to online marketing and SEO. They typically have a team of experts in each of these fields, so they can provide a comprehensive solution to their clients’ online presence.

Website design
Website development
Graphic design
Logo design
Online marketing

When choosing a website design agency, it’s important to consider the following factors:
I. The agency’s experience and expertise in website design.
II. The quality of the agency’s design portfolio.
III. The agency’s rates and pricing structure.
IV. The agency’s reputation and credibility.
V. The terms of the agency’s project proposal or contract.

There are a few things you can look for to determine if a website design agency is reputable. First, check to see if they have any awards or accolades from credible organizations. Also, take a look at their portfolio to see if their previous work is up to par. And finally, read reviews from past clients to get an idea of what their experience was like working with the agency.

Some red flags to watch out for when choosing a website design agency include:
-The agency does not have a physical office location
-The agency does not have any client references or case studies to share
-The agency charges very low rates, especially in comparison to other agencies in the same market space
-The agency does not provide a detailed proposal/scope of work outlining the project deliverables, timelines, and budget
-The team assigned to your project is not experienced in website design and development

What Our Clients Say...

What Our Clients Say...

Dan Morris
Dan Morris
Top Ad Online exceeded expectations. Marketing campaign experienced continuous growth as a result of changes that were implemented based on rigorous analysis. Consistent and constructive communication throughout the entire process. Highly recommend Top Ad Online to anyone.
Alex Milano
Alex Milano
Maayan is the consummate professional. We had consulted with her to revamp our website that was more modern/relevant and came up with a list of ideas to work on. Even beyond just implementing our list she worked with us and offered her own suggestions and expertise to come up with an amazing final product. Maayan is likely the most responsive person I’ve ever deal with and is proactive for her clients. We never needed to prompt her or remind as she was always reaching out and providing status updates to us. Highly recommend.
Robert Joseph
Robert Joseph
Great news everyone: there’s still some true professionals out there, and Maayan Bar from Top Ad Online is one of the best! Maayan is reliable, hardworking and creative. Right from the beginning, she took my chaotic ideas and created a beautiful, organized and innovative masterpiece. After final delivery of my website, all I could say was WOW! Maayan is extremely patient, attentive and driven. She went above and beyond, not only responding to my endless questions and concerns, but also offering valuable input and ideas. From visual designs to a client’s ease of use of the website, she truly tailored the experience to my particular business. That alone is extremely unique and makes her exceptional. She genuinely became a member of our team. Top Ad Online is simply AWESOME!
Eyal Seti
Eyal Seti
Excellent service! Maayan is Patient and pay attention to all the details. Was a pleasure to work with, highly recommended!
Matthew Nadell
Matthew Nadell
Top Ad Online remade my entire website and brought it into the 21st century. From content creation to schedule booking, every piece of the puzzle was solved. One of the easiest experiences I have ever had. I wouldn't hesitate working with this company again!
Yoav Eisenstein
Yoav Eisenstein
כבר מהשיחה הראשונה עם מעיין הרגשתי שאם שיווק אז עם מעיין. זה לא רק הבטחון שהיא מביאה לשיחה אלא השאלות הממוקדות ששאלה , שגרמו לי שהרגיש שאיתה אשיג את המטרות שאני רוצה. ובאמת מהר מאד ראיתי שהחלטתי נכון ללכת עם מעיין לתהליך שיווקי. יש למעיין ראיה שיווקית רחבה של כל התהליך והשלבים בו , מה שהביא אותה לבנות לא רק קמפיין נכון ומוצלח, אלא גם לשפר כל מיני שלבים בדרך כמו האתר שלי, שהקפיצה אותו לרמה גבוהה הרבה יותר. מעיין מעשית, מוכוונת תוצאות וכל הזמן עם היד על ההגה. ויחד עם זאת יש בה המון גמישות - כיף לחשוב איתה , והשילוב הזה מביא לעבודה עניינית פרקטית ומהירה. לאורך כל העבודה מעיין אכפתית, מתעניינת והכל בהמון חום ונתינה גדולה. ומעבר להכל - תוצאות . מעיין עזרה לי להשיג את התוצאות שרציתי. ממליץ על מעיין בחום רב לכל מי שמחפש לשווק את העסק שלו , לתכנן או לשפר את האתר שלו .
Irina Alarov
Irina Alarov
Maayan is simply the best! It’s a pleasure working with her! She is super professional and patient and really does above and beyond! Clearly she loves what she does and she does it so well! Thank you Maayan for all your help and support!
lesly ordonez
lesly ordonez
I am beyond content with the website that was done for our bakery! Maayan was attentive and responsive throughout the entire process. She was very organized and completed tasks in time to meet her deadlines. She made it a great experience and gave great feedback along the way when considering the content to be used on the website. I Highly recommend her!
Sarah A.
Sarah A.
Maayan did such a wonderful job bringing our logo to life. If your looking for quality, this is the place to go. She is attentive and extremely detail oriented, working with Maayan has been a dream come true. I look forward to working with her in upcoming projects!
Joseph Jeudy
Joseph Jeudy
Top ad online is where to get your logo done. Maayan is very professional took her time, extra time to design your logo. She make sure that she satisfied her customers to the extent. I was very honor about her work, and how she was very creative to get what I needed done. Thank you 🙏🏾.

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