A Trending Product Sales Using Facebook Ads Case Study

$13,284 In Sales With A $2,895 Ad Spend In A Month Using Facebook Ads

Tom reached out to us to promote a trending product that was related to the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. We had a short period of time to create brand awareness so we had to be accurate and optimize the ads often. The results were above our expectations and we managed to exceed our goals.

Client’s Wishes: Sell the product online to a massive amount of people. 
Client’s Goals: 
– 100 sales a day.
Business Strategy:
– Build a trustworthy trendy brand on demand.
– Create a system to track ROI and monitor progress.
– Set up Facebook campaigns to increase visibility, reach new potential clients, and grow revenue.
– The Facebook campaigns were a success and all goals were reached.
– In a period of 30 days the campaign reached- 667,000 impressions, 4,677 leads, and 2,214 purchases, at a $1.31 cost per purchase.

Trending Product Sales | Results with Facebook ads