Real Estate Facebook Ads Case Study

68 exclusive Brokerage Leads, Averaging $7, Using Facebook Ads

Prior to using Top Ad Online services, a brokerage company in South Florida had tried other lead generation methods, but found themselves disappointed and paying a high monthly fee to compete with other agents for the same leads. However, within the first month of using our service, they received so many leads that they had to pause the campaign to catch up.
With Top Ad Online, you will receive exclusive leads and we will help you create a script to maximize your ROI.

Client’s Wishes: Get exclusive seller and buyer leads. 
Client’s Goals: 
– Increase brand visibility and credibility. 
– Implement a CRM system and funnels to automate process where it is needed.  
– Convert a minimum of two leads a month using Facebook ads.
Business Strategy:
– New website along with Facebook campaigns to achieve the goals. 
– Reach potential leads and grow revenue.
– In a period of 30 days we received 68 leads, averaging $7.39, and 21,564 Impressions.

Buyers and Sellers Leads for a Brokerage in South Florida | Facebook ad results