Online Course Facebook Ads Case Study

$5,147 In Sales With A $896 Ad Spend Using Facebook Ads

Our client Tanya is based in Israel and created an online course for new dog owners. Her main concern was to see if the audience will engage and if there is demand.  

Client’s Wishes: Sell an online course and increase passive revenue. 
Client’s Goals: 
– Brand awareness, increase visibility  
– Build a converting squeeze page (landing page) that has a strong call to action Botton.
-30 online sales. 
Business Strategy:
– Perform extensive market research.
– Build a trustworthy brand with online presence. 
– Setup Facebook campaigns to increase brand awareness, reach new potential clients, and grow revenue.
– The campaign’s target audience was accurate, which allowed us to deliver a great successful campaign, in a short time.
– In a period of 35 days, the campaign results exceeded the goals with 50 websites purchases, at a $17.9 cost per contact/lead (60.98 shekels).

Online Course Leads | Results with Facebook ads South Florida, NY, California