Online Course Facebook Ads Case Study

$5,147 In Sales With A $896 Ad Spend Using Facebook Ads

Client’s Wishes: Sell an online course and increase passive revenue. 
Client’s Goals: 
-Increase exposure
-Build a great landing page that has a strong call to action and converts.
-30 online sales. 
Business Strategy:
-Perform extensive market research .
-Build a trustworthy brand.
-Setup Facebook campaigns to increase brand awareness, reach new potential clients, and grow revenue.
-The target audience was accurate, which allowed us to deliver a great successful campaign, in a short time.
-In a period of 35 days, the exposure has increased and we received 79 contacts, at a $17.9 cost per contact (60.98 shekels).
-187 leads and 50 sales.

online course Facebook ads
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