Esthetician Facebook Ads Case Study

$3,020 In Facebook Sales With The Lifetime Spend Of $384.96

When Irina came to us, she started from zero and had to build a brand from the ground up. We started with low budget Facebook ads that gradually increased. Then, we focused on optimizing the sales strategy and scripts and built a landing page that evolved to a website as Irina grew with her services and products. 

Client’s Wishes: Start a business with a strong base of cliental.
Client’s Goals: 
– Quality leads and return customers. 
– Gradually increase revenue.
Business Strategy:
– Build a brand on demand and customized sales script.
– Create a system to track return on investment (ROI) and monitor progress.
– Set up Facebook campaigns to increase visibility, reach new potential clients, and grow revenue.
– The Facebook campaigns were a success and all goals were reached.
– Irina received 60 leads in 40 days, at a $6 cost per lead. 
– Almost a year later, Irina reported that she has returning clients from the first campaigns we ran. 

Case study results- Facebook ads-Fort Lauderdale

A 5-question interview with one of Top Ad online’s clients, Irina Alarov. Irina, started her esthetician practice in Jan 2022.

She offers a variety of facial services and is located in LA, California. 

We talk about her experience with our agency, why she chose Top Ad Online, the results of her project, and shared an advice for others that are in a similar position.