Part A: Why Is Online Brand Awareness Vital?

Simple. How else would people notice your business?
People need to know about your existence. Nowadays everything is fast-paced and available immediately at our fingertips.
Society has migrated from newspapers, radio, and postcards to the many benefits of online technology; video meetings, blogs, vlogs, youtube and social media.
Look around you…what do you see? Most probably people, nose down, focussed on their tiny mobile screen.
We are all attached at the hip to our best friend (technologically speaking) the smartphone – mankind’s greatest sidekick in history!
As a business owner, you must evolve with technology and not fear it. Technology is your best friend.

Read each of the 3 statements below thoroughly. Each could contribute a great deal to your business growth or failure:
1. I choose to learn more about tech by myself with an aim to save money.
2. I choose to hire an expert to take over the online marketing and focus on my passion.
3. I choose to keep doing what I am doing and hope for the best.

Which best describes you and your current outlook? Which describes your future? Be honest with yourself, which would you choose?
If you chose number 3, I wish you all the best! I would love to check up on you in 6 months. Drop your number below or through the messenger and I will be in touch.
If you chose number 1 and decide to go it alone, great & best of luck! I also have great news for you. You get a free consultation call to understand where your business stands and help you decide where to start.
If you chose number 2, fantastic! I will be happy to be your go-to person for all your online advertising needs! Drop your choice of number 2 below or in a private message, and I will contact you to schedule an initial strategy call.

As a bonus, if you text me now “2weeks” you will get 2 weeks of my services for free!!
Text now 904-572-2959

If you made it down this far in the post, you obviously take your business seriously!
If you’re in the early stages of going online, I can assist with your needs whether it’s web development, online marketing, branding design and implementation, growth strategy and paid advertising. Additionally, I’m a graphic designer and web builder. I can help you with logo design, responsive web builds and functional landing pages.

Looking forward to developing and grow your business!
Maayan Bar
Owner at Top Ad Online
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