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Deerfield, Florida

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Cakes D’Sabores is a local bakery based in Deerfield, Florida that specializes in delicious baked goods. In an effort to streamline the purchasing process and enhance customer experience, the bakery partnered with Top Ad Online, a leading digital marketing agency.

The goal was to revamp the basic landing page to a fully-functional online shop, allowing customers to easily place custom orders and save time compared to traditional phone orders. Top Ad Online worked closely with Cakes D’Sabores to design and build a user-friendly website, complete with a seamless ordering process and a variety of mouth-watering treats to choose from.

This partnership has resulted in a significant increase in online orders and customer satisfaction for Cakes D’Sabores. The online shop has not only simplified the ordering process but has also expanded the reach of the bakery beyond its local community.

With the help of Top Ad Online, Cakes D’Sabores has successfully transitioned from a basic landing page to a thriving online shop, offering its customers a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience.

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5-Star Review


I am beyond content with the website that was done for our bakery! Maayan was attentive and responsive throughout the entire process. She was very organized and completed tasks in time to meet her deadlines. She made it a great experience and gave great feedback along the way when considering the content to be used on the website. I Highly recommend her!